Full Name:
rashmi (pratham mom)

First Impression of Discover Kids:

a very nice place for kids ,the ambeince is very good helping the kids to develop a life long love for books. Pratham loves to attend the story telling sessions and wants to attend it every week eagerly never has Pratham said that he does not want to go to the class. I am happy seeing my kid loving the stories and also starting to develop a love for reading. really appreciate Ms.Lucy's effort in encouraging the kids to write letters it is a very good innovativethought.Thanks for all your efforts Shubha and LUCY.


  1. love the story telling sesionsby Ms.Lucy.


  1. less books for adults.

Benefits after joining Discover kids:

improved greatly on reading and writing independently . great progress in a very short time

Suggestion for improvement :

more books on the section for elders in fiction and non fiction and would like to see magzines for kids if possible

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