Full Name:
Lucy Roshan

First Impression of Discover Kids:

A very child friendly place with a lot of warmth,where children feel very comfortable rightaway.


  1. We love the casual,at-home feeling here.The staff are very friendly too.The interactions tell us that this center is not run for profit..


  1. Nothing in particular

Benefits after joining Discover kids:

We have been members here for the past 6 years and our children have made the best use of the library and playrooms and props.My 5 year old attended reading classes this summer .Even though he did know how to read before joining this,the classes helped him to learn and pickup the rules and exceptions of reading that he didm't know and all of a sudden started reading very fluently and confidently.I really thank Ms.Subha for her dedication and gentle ways of facilitating children' learning.And my 2 year old who is normally very clingy to me was very much at home on his very first time we came here.And he is always excited at the mention of going to Discover Kids.:)

Suggestion for improvement :

Would be good if the reading class is supplemented with read-aloud sessions for children..May be more seating..?(for the waiting parents..)

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